Wednesday, 28 October 2015

string art survey

In the end lots of people choose'ed the Deer the Elephant the bird and the owl for room 1 string art survey. they also picked blue, grey, orange and red. everyone picked the animal looking at you and the one that was on a side view and lots of people choose'ed 10 to 20 on how much the art work was priced on.                  

Monday, 12 October 2015

Holiday highlights

In the holidays I went to town and got a toy gun. After that we done some washing. And on the second week of the holidays khalos,my mum and me had lambs tails. The best thing that I liked was having lambs tales because they were Yum.

Monday, 21 September 2015

My maths

My Writing evaluation

My writing this term was on the muscles in the human body. My learning intention goal is to put all my ideas into paragraphs and have one main idea. I had success criteria to see if I achieved my writing goals for inquiry.

My writing goal was to organize my ideas so that there‘s one main idea in each paragraph. I need to focus on this because t hadn’t put my ideas into paragraphs and I also had to remember to check if there was one idea in each paragraph.

My success criteria was to put one idea in each paragraph, so that my ideas relate to the topic, and I use capital letters and comers when I write. I have achieved using capital letters, full stops and to sticking to the topic. I still need to work on putting comers in my writing.

In my writing I have done instruction on an exercise. And I have been learning what muscles helps us move around in inquiry and by criting my gymnastics. I had also have done deception writing on a push up. I liked all the different types of writing instead of writing one thing one thing for a term.

I’m happy about my writing because I have done lots of different types of writing that are very cool.    

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How to do a pull up


 If you don’t know how to do a pull up then I will tell you how to do one. First you will need to find a pole that goes across your head but the pole has to be more then 7 cm. then you firmly hold on to the pole and pull your self up slowly then you slowly let your self down but don’t touch the ground. This will build up your biceps and your triceps stronger.

Repeat this until you want to stop and that is how you do a pull up       


Feed back on Dennis's cartwheel

What Dennis is good at? He is good at keeping his arms straight in his cartwheels and he is good at putting his legs by his stomach when he does his backwards role. What Dennis needs to improve on?Dennis needs to improve on pointing his toe’s when he goes to do his cartwheels he also has to keep his legs straight in his cartwheel for beater landing. He needs to keep his arms straight in his cartwheels.